I get so many emails from all you girls asking alllllll about… blogging. And, I absolutely love it.

So here is some my of my answers to some questions to get some insight about me.

  1. who takes your pictures?  I do most of the times with my iPhone, yes! guys I do and you can master the act too or with a professional photographer.
  2. When first starting your blog, what were your intentions? Was it just a creative outlet or did you have hopes of growing it into the business? I started blogging officially in 2015, but it started out purely as a hobby and encouragement from friends to put my photography skills and fashion sense into inspiration for people.I found myself spending all my time searching the web for beautiful inspiration, quotes and aesthetic pictures. And to be quite honest… I was bored with my college lifestyle, being a geeky science  student. I learned that only going out, studying, and then participating in the nightlife scene wasn’t quite fulfilling my sense of purpose and passion. I was searching for something bigger, something more. Hopefully one day I would really master the business side of it.

3.   What life/job experience do you believe has helped you in the blogging/fashionworld the most?

        My first job in retail, I was sub part of the visual merchandisers and head cashier.

4    What was the most challenging aspect of starting your brand? 

it would be consistency and have someone around to take my photos, but working on that now.

5.  Who are your favorite designers?

Chanel, Alexandra Wang, Michael kors jewelry pieces , Donatella Versace, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs.