H&M blazer (Here)ASOS cami(Here), Asos leggings(Here) ,Missguided shoes(Here) or (Here)

Since fall season is upon us I decided to create a fall work style outfit inspiration. Although all paired in all black, this for me is one color I seldom wear all together from head to toe. I put forth this work outfit inspiration for all my fashion beauties who want to look classy and like a bag of Money.

This is a very simple outfit, something I’d normally go for on a day when I want more function over fashion, like today. I love that in all black I feel ready for what the day has in store. It’s a colour (some would say tone) that you can “wear at any time, any age and for almost any occasion”.


Time to take the week!! and walk into the office as a Boss.

Hope you have an amazing week ahead. XoXo



Hello guys, it’s me again… Had a very busy month hence the late blog post.

Thanks for stopping by and if it’s your first time I really appreciate you..

We would be talking about how to rock a two piece; the rumper trouser and a crop top. Personally I love to keep my style simple, classy and elegant. But you could revamp the look and make it sassy.. You could rock the crop top with a nice skater skirt, leggings or even a nice pair of Jeans. Well accessoried. Also you could rock it with a nice blazer.. That would be elegant and stylish.

For the rumper trouser you could further rock it with a kimono cardigan and a well nice tucked in camisole..

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Hello guys!!!

I know I have been MIA , yes I have hard serious workload from school,trust me school and work not a good combination, but it’s been an awesome experience too.

I have had a very busy week and before the update suffered from writer’s block , no much of hanging out, got lot of work loads from assignment to quiz to get done. If this your first time here, you’re awesome and I appreciate you.

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