Products for youthful and glowing skin

Products for youthful and soft skin,nothing beats a great skin,with one you don’t need heavy makeup to cover up some imperfections (hyper-pigmentation ,blemishes,uneven skin tone). I have always been a skin junkie because I love my face and body looking fresh, youthful and glowing. View Post

Top 50 Blog Post Ideas on Pinterest|Successful blogging Tips+Getting Traffic

Top 50 Blog post ideas on Pinterest,as a fashion blogger or Blogger in general, we sometimes suffer from writer’s block. Running out of content and feel disconnected with out readers. Here I would be personally sharing some of my top  Top 50 Blog Post ideas on Pinterest.

Having a fashion blog, we give our audience different insight and style to fashion. Most people check for #ootd inspiration , how to pair outfits , lastest trend and the list goes on.

Bloggers constantly run out of ideas and coming up with one is hard as keeping your readers on the edge for more. So here are some of my quick reference list I have  made to write some of my blog post.
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Random Facts about me |Get To know me- FAQ

Random facts about me

Hey everyone, welcome back and a happy new week to you. So today I decided to put up some Random facts and answers,about me to get to know me a little better. My travel experience  and as well next destination.

Some of this questions are usually asked by people and I thought putting it all in one post could give everyone a little  insight about me.


Random facts starts now, get comfortable and know about me  View Post

The late bloomer

Hello everyone!!!!!

To the Late bloomer

I know at times you often feel like you’re behind everyone, slacking or the last to get it all.

We’ve all been there and still going through it, but believe me that those things in no way makes you inadequate in life.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

So whenever you feel overlooked, almost there but never there, left behind, etc, always remember that life is a JOURNEY and not a DESTINATION .

Each man to his talents, gift and race. Your Time is never God’s Time.

Though it Tarries but it would surely come.

Continually Pray and believe that TIME here on earth is for but a MOMENT, ETERNITY has NO-END.

Inspiration: Lola AKinkuowo



H&M blazer (Here)ASOS cami(Here), Asos leggings(Here) ,Missguided shoes(Here) or (Here)

Since fall season is upon us I decided to create a fall work style outfit inspiration. Although all paired in all black, this for me is one color I seldom wear all together from head to toe. I put forth this work outfit inspiration for all my fashion beauties who want to look classy and like a bag of Money.

This is a very simple outfit, something I’d normally go for on a day when I want more function over fashion, like today. I love that in all black I feel ready for what the day has in store. It’s a colour (some would say tone) that you can “wear at any time, any age and for almost any occasion”.


Time to take the week!! and walk into the office as a Boss.

Hope you have an amazing week ahead. XoXo