“Basic Wardrobe/closet Staples| Style” – Building the perfect wardrobe

Building the perfect wardrobe

Building the perfect wardrobe shouldn’t be hassle !!!!!Hello Everyone!!!  Thanks for stopping by, today’s post I would be sharing some of my tips on building the perfect wardrobe from some of the  needed Basic staples. Everyone has preference to style,

Some Fashion style picks;

  1. Chic
  2. Classy
  3. Laid-back
  4. Trendy 
  5. Vintage  

The list goes on and on. Finding the right style and clothing fit is as important as wearing the clothes itself. Your style should exude the confidence of the outfit. Personally I found my style quite early, I am more of the Classy and chic girl but sometimes I try to experiment with different style ideas.

So grab your drinking glass, smily face and your imagination and lets virtually get into discovering the right style for you, and some essential Basic Wardrobe staples that can turn a boring outfit into that out of the runway look. View Post



It takes a certain level of intention to be unplugged, to peel away from our screens, to pause the busyness of our day-to-day and devote ourselves to the slow and simple things, beauty often comes from the simplest things.Practicing a lifestyle of mindfulness, simplicity and thankfulness helps to remind us of all the beauty in our present life and keep us from piling meaningless things and activities into our routines.
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Vie d’or (life’s Golden)

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